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Why Love Concerts

A tragedy of unimaginable proportions has struck Bucharest on the night of November 30, 2015. 26 people, (update: 30 by next day) most under 30, have died in a fire at Colective concert hall. Hundreds more are injured many of them in critical or dire condition with sever burns and trauma. They were at a rock concert when the location cought fire from a pyrotechnic device. The location had ignored most of the relevant fire and sefety regulations but was a popular concert destination. In such sad circumstances as a remmeberence of those departed and the suffering of their loved ones I post this immage as a memento. Concerts are a fantastic experience one that should be made as safe as possible. Precisely because they should offer a moment of escape and energising boost in our crazy daily lives. The terror of this tragedy should not deter people to go to concerts but should be a call for authorities, organisers and managers to make venues and the concert-going experience safe. It is perfectly possible,

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