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I am a photographer based in Europe. My work is centered on portrait, street and documentary projects. Most of my photography is digital monochrome but I do work in colour and film too.  


I have a BA in psychology and a MA in international relations and law. My photographic approach mirrors my day job and extensive travels as a diplomat. Revolutions, protests and major political events have mashed with the rhythms of "le quotidien" in a 24/7 media feed. I found that I liked how the quiet intimacy of personal work contrasted and balanced the noise of contemporary affairs of my professional world. 


All this makes photography an obstinate moral and aesthetic decision for me. This sort of photography is very personal. The way I see it, you sense but rarely act driven by instinct alone. How you act is a function of the relationship between circumstances and self. Society deprives us of the simple and essential agonistic principle. It guides, it coerces and it translates.


To some extent, photography reassesses this relationship between the instinctual and the educated. This specific intellectual and emotional conversion of reality into perception makes it a powerful expression form. One that requires, at a minimum, a certain acquiescence from your subject. At its best it can become a complicity. 


In the end your work is a subjective key for a world overcharged with visual stimuli. My sort of photography attempts to document but also looks for dialogue. It is not static but it does aim to simplify. Uncluttered by noise this is not a monologue but a conversation.    


If you are interested in my work, or commissioning projects use the form below.  


Tel: 0040-742-114-082

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